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items you can unlock

Go to

Click “Unlock Items” in the top right hand side of the screen were the parent thing used to be

Select the Player you would like to redeem the Code

Sign that Player In

If you have a code select option number 2, if you have a book select option number 1.

If you have a Book select option 1 and follow the instructions

If you have a Toy select option 2  and enter the code EXACTLY as it is

After you enter you code or words (for books) you will be taken to “The Treasure Book”

Open the Book

  • Spikerster
  • Star T-Shirt
  • Black Electric Guitar
  • Black Sneaker

  • Ghost Costume
  • Pumpkin Basket
  • Frankenpenguin Hat
  • Frankenpenguin Costume
  • Princess Hat
  • Fairy Wings
  • Princess Costume
  • Magic Wond
  • Bee Antennae
  • Bee Wings
  • Bee Costume

  • Coral Crown
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Marmaid Outfit
  • Black Scuba Mask
  • Scuba Tank
  • Wetsuit
  • Yellow Flippers

  • Golf Hat
  • Coffee Apron
  • Brown Sandals
  • Hardhat
  • Safety Vest
  • Hiking Boots

  • Firefighter Hat
  • Firefighter Jacket
  • Rubber Boots
  • Chef Hat
  • Pizza Apron
  • Black Glasses
  • Reporter Camera

  • Blue Super Hero Mask
  • Blue Cape
  • Shadow Guy Costume
  • Space Helmet
  • Orange Space Suit
  • Alien Mask
  • Alien Suit

  • The Funster
  • Red Pompom
  • Red Chearleader
  • Red Soccer Jersey
  • Soccerball

  • Red Puffle
  • Green Puffle
  • Pink Puffle
  • Blue Puffle
  • Purple Puffle
  • Yellow Puffle
  • Black Puffle

  • Brown Skater Hat
  • Pink Skater Hat
  • MP3000
  • White Parka
  • Yellow Cape
  • Green Bunny Slippers

  • Coins – 500

If you bought a Club Penguin Book (Rockhopper and The Stowaway, etc.) it also unlocks a special item online!

Club Penguin Books – How To Unlock Item

Follow all the instructions you would until you get to the screen were you select Book or Code. Select Book!


FREE Items!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awsome


new pin

cp-pin             THats the new pin

on the Becon

clothing cheats

the new pin is in the lighthouse upstars

A Brand New Penguin Styal Catalog Has Come Out Today With A New Pin Hidden Too!


Club Penguin Style 2009 Cheats


Click the Red Paint Can for the Spikester (500 Coins)


Click the inside of the bubble for the Spikette (500 Coins)


Click the Flower Pot for the Fruit Headdress (350 Coins)

Club Penguin Style Jan 2009

The Grove Page

  • The Shamrocker – 550 Coins
  • Spikester Threads – 650 Coins
  • The Freestyle – 550 Coins
  • Wingwarms – 200 Coins
  • Freestyle Threads – 650 Coins


  • Trumpet – 450 Coins
  • Acoustic Guitar – 700 Coins
  • The Desert Road – 550 Coins
  • Yellow Fiesta Dress – 640 Coins
  • Starlit Sombrero – 350 Coins
  • Blue Torero Suit – 520 Coins
  • Orange Sombrero – 300 Coins
  • Poncho – 350 Coins

Peng Style Player Card Background


There Are Only 2 New Backgrounds!

New Gingerbread Teddy Pin

To complete the Thin Ice game, follow the paths of the pictures listed below.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14.

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19

You have completed all the levels. Congratulations, but their is one more level. The bonus level.

1.Go to Astro Barrier

answers on tour guide


Club Penguin Tour Guide Answers

The Ones that have a check next to them are the correct answers:
Quiz answers

Quiz answers

Which color of puffle can catch fire?
black √

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times?
book room
boiler room √
Coffee shop

Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the back round?
coffee shop
dance club
pizza shop
pet shop √

How does the pink puffle play?
 1) Blow bubbles
2) Skips with a skipping rope √
3) Flies around wearing a propeller cap
4) Rolls a ball around

What item is always hidden in different place in the clothing catalog every month?
the red scarf
the green running shoes
the Viking helmet √
the chef hat

How many sled racing tracks are there?
 1) 2
2) 3
3) 4 √
4) 6

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
ski lodge √
pet shop
pizza shop

How do you get a pin?
buy it in the gift shop
click on it
throw a snowball at it
walk on top of it √

Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?
book room
pet shop
lodge attic
beach √

What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship?
The swift swimmer
The voyager
The icebreaker
The Migrator √

What item is thrown out of the truck in the level 4 of bean counters?
A candlestick
A flower pot √
A brick
A teapot

What day does the newspaper come out?
Thursday √

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?
Mullet √

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jetpack adventure √
Cart surfer
sled race

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?
60 √

New sports shop cataloge and pin!

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the sport shop cataloge has been updated. there is only one cheat, though. click on the Rock Climbing wall to get this:



and the new pin is at the Beacon, it’s a flower.

some cool cheats

This is awsome stuff

club penguin cheats

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