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rockhopper tracker

our friend rock hopper is back and you can get a chance to find him so here is a tracker just for you!!!! wandle on and have fun!!!



~ Dpivan~


rockhopper is back

this is great rockhopper is back and another chance to meet him so go on out there and track rock hopper!!so cool!!~dpivan~

the puffle past

the cool and awsome puffle used to be very wierd and uniqe they were very craby and very weird lookin g but thent they improved it and made it the pet we have today the puffle isnt that awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!



PuffleConcepts copy copy.jpg


who do you like better

clubpenguin catolog cheats of 09

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Here are all the secrets to the new, simple, clothing catalog. You may be suprised by these!

ADD: Press the “S” in “T-shirts” on page 8 for the spikester.


On page 9, press the “E” in “Penguins At Work” for the spikette.


The blue dot at the end of page 11 has the fruit headress.


Click the flowers on the flower pot on page 14 for the red viking helmet. Exit that window and click the flowers 4 more times for the blue viking helmet!


ADD: Press the beak on the penguin with a green turtle neck on page 14.


The carrot nose on the snowman on the first page of clearance contains the yellow scarf.


UPDATE: On the 4th page of clearance click the second “A” for a pink pom-pom toque.


Click the “L” in “CLEARANCE” on the last page for a red hoodie.


Did you like this catalog?

puffle update

the puffle party is near so to show your spiret of pufflles they have puffle posters

If you’ve been busy putting puffle furniture into your igloos, be sure to check out the new




puffle party



   Awsome the puffle party is near so bring out your puffles and let then walk there little bahookies out have fun travelers wooo hooooo the best puffle party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

down load the clubpenguin cheat toolbar

Download Cp Club Penguin Toolbar

Hey everyone! i have finally made a toolbar for this site.

toolbar includes:

link to for quicker visit

links to the best blogs of club penguin

cpclubpenguins messege of the day

and more

Club Penguin toolbar (click for full size)

Click here to download

HERE is a sneek peek of clothing catlog

Clothing Catalog Sneek Peek & Name Glitch!



Hey! The Clothing Catalog comes out tommorow! Here’s the new design sneek peek of it!


Sorry if th

On Friday, there will be a brand new Penguin Style catalog in the Gift Shop — so get ready to update your clothes and wigs! The theme for February is all about getting back to the basics. Here are a couple of things that you’ll see in the new Penguin Style catalog:


ats small! (Click To En-largen)

Now there’s also a cool name glitch! You can make a penguin using these symbols! ©, ®, ™ those are the ones that work! It’s really cool! Check it out. Just make a penguin using those symbols and taa-da!  Thats All! -Scareynewt42

catolag cheats

Ultimate January/February 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats And Secrets!! : D



Hey!! The new January/February 2009 Furniture Catalog is out and here are the cheats and secrets for the new catalog!! : D



To find the Superhero Stage Poster, click on the Terracotta Sun to reveal it!!




The next secret item is the Welcome Mat!! Click on the Velvet Rope to find it!!


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