How to become famouse on clubpenguin

how to become famous in clubpenguin

                          hello penguins!  you want how to become famous in clubpenguin? here are some hints to be a famous penguin in clubpenguin.

WAY 1 :-

this is a nice work! create a blog about only clubpenguin.  it takes time to bring more people but if you do it you will be the star of clubpenguin.

WAY 2:-

if you dont want to make a blog, in clubpenguin dont be rude or mean to other penguins. this becomes good to other penguins and they will be your fans.


if you are a member,keep more parties invite many penguins to the party. it takes lot of time to do it but if you do it regulary you will be a star in clubpenguin.


you can even do this. i dont know if it works, but you can try it. you can send many poems,drawings,puzzles etc to the clubpenguin  times so that all other penguins will see it and you can be famous among them.


donot ask other penguins about the pins,freeitems etc. make other penguins ask at  you.  for that you have to dress up yourself with all the amazing items you got last time.

these are the five points you have to keep in mind  for becoming famous!

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