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Club Penguin Mission Cheats

Here are the cheats for every mission on club penguin

Mission 1: Case of the missing puffles

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic

2. Go to the Ice Rink, search around for pictures of a green puffle.

3. Go to aunt arctic’s room and give her the photos

4. Go to the pet shop. Look all the way left and take the paper on the kennel.

5. Go to the sport shop and tell G how many socks he has by the codes.

6. Take the life preserver launcher and go to the iceberg. Use the launcher with the penguins.

7. Go to the ski mountain. Get out your spy phone, click on the red light. Take out your wrench and use it with the telescope.

8. Use the telescope. Point it at the tallest mountain.

9. Go to the Sport Shop and get the grappling hook. Go to the Tallest Mountain. Use the hook on the top of the tallest mountain.

10. Talk to the puffles.

You beat the mission!

Mission 2: G’s secret mission

1. Talk to Gary, and answer the secret riddle, to ‘mogul’ and he shows you a New Sled, pick it up and go to the mountain.

2. Click the Sled to ‘Test Run’ And you have to crash the sled.

3. Pick up the rope, and the Survival Guide. Now go towards the Bush with berries on, and collect three berries. Go to the right, and shake the tree three times and a pot will come out.

4. Go forward to the tree stump, and scare the other puffles away, except the black one, give him an ‘O’ Berry, and he will follow you around, now go to the left, and you will find a bush with a ski in it, pick it up. Now connect the rope, an ‘O’ berry and the ski together and make a Fishing Rod.

5. Go to the right, and go to the stump, Go right again at the stump, and you are at the cave. Go left to the river. Pick up the log, and go to the river. Click the homemade rod to the river, and you will catch a fish, then using the pot, collect water, then head back to the cave. Go inside it and push the rocks to the middle.

6. Put the wood in the center, and click the Survival Guide to the log. It will rip up. Next, give the puffle a Berry, and he will set alight. Then put the fish, and jug of water on the fire, and you fall asleep.

7. You wake up at the sound of a jet pack, and you get taken back home.

You beat the mission!

Misson 3: Case of the missing coins

1.Go out of the gift shop and come back in.

2.Talk to the secret agent. Get him to close the door.

3.Go upstairs.

4.Go under the couch.Get the disk and the pin.

5.Go to the computer. Insert the disk. Go to the code page and remember the numbers.

6.Type the code in the vault starting with up.

7.Click on the coins.

8.Go to hq.

9.Watch the video.

10.Get the first key from the drawer.

11.Go to the roof of the gift shop using the key.

12.Use your wrench on your spy phone to open the POWA box.

13.Put the pin inside the POWA box.

14.Grab the white hair on the vent.

15.Go to hq.

16.Give G the hair.

17.Go to the night club.

18.Equip your night vision goggles.

19.Go to the boiler room.

20.Go to the fuse box. Do the puzzle where you have to get them all green.

You’re done!

Mission 4: avalanche rescue – Coming soon

Mission 5: Coming soon

Mission 6: Questions for a crab1. Talk to Gary and he will show you ‘The Crab Translator 3000′

2. The crab will hit hard on the cage, causing the machine to blow up.

3. Follow the crab and you will end up at the top of the mountain.

4. Wait for the dizzy scene to finish, then you will find yourself at the forest place in “G’s Secret Mission”

5. Turn right, and go towards the bush. Now go foreword to the tree stump. Turn left to the long log and you will see a big pack of Puffle ‘O’s’ on a rope. Click the red flashing light on your Spy-phone and click on the scissors.

6. Click the scissors to the rope and pick the bag up when dropped. Go right to the tree stump and feed the poor, hungry puffle a ‘O’ berry.

7. Turn right to the cave, and you will see the crab walk through the narrow flap. Click a ‘O’ berry on the flap and the puffle will go inside and open the door. Go inside.

8. Inside, a trap will fall and your Spy-phone will fall out. The evil polar bear will appear and steal your phone. Talk to him, and he will tell you his life story, (It’s so long!!) The crabs name is, Klutzy, and the bears name is, Herbert P. Bear Esquire.

9. Klutzy and Herbert will walk out of the room, and the puffle will emerge from the rock.

10. Turn right, and you will find a cage water releasing system. Click an ‘O’ berry to the left of the tray on the right and the puffle will turn it to an angle. Now click a ‘O’ berry on the red lever on the right. The water will turn on. Finally, click another berry on the tray hanging on rope. The cage door will open releasing you.

10. Walk right, and you will find a table full of ‘G’s’ inventions. Pick up, the Blueprint on the wall, the hot sauce, the rope dangling on a wooden plank on the right, and the Pickax.

11. Walk left to the door and open it. Snow will block your exit, so attach the hot sauce and the ‘O’ berry bag to form a flaming berry! Feed this to the puffle, and he will move across the screen and then melt through the snow! Go outside.

12. When outside, walk right, towards the tree stump. Then, from there, turn left to the long log. Now, turn left to the mountain.

13. Click the right side of the mountain and attach the rope with the Pickax. Click the mountain with the rope and pickax and you will find yourself at the top of the Mountain.

14. Make your way to the ski Lodge, and go to Ice Fishing. The Polar Bear will be fixing his invention talking to himself. At one point, he will say he wants a Hot and Spicy Seaweed Pizza.

15. Go to the Si Village, then to the Dock. From there, go to the Town, then to the Snow Forts and then finally, to the Plaza.

16. Go inside the Pizza Parlor and ask for a ‘Seaweed Pizza’ Add it to your inventory and go to the Ski Village the same way you came. Go to Ice Fishing and put the pizza on the floor by clicking the bear.

17. He will eat it and give his complements, while you click the lever to go right instead of left! He will then say he has fixed it and click the on button. The machine will drive into his and send them across the breaking ice river! They will fall in and be stranded on the other side!

18. G will congratulate you and ask you for the Blueprints and that he will get back to you as soon as possible! You will see a flaming puffle fly across the sky like a shooting star

Mission 7:

1. Talk to G. He will explain any and all the problems with the click.

2. Click the monitor of the snow forts that G is pointing to. Notice that a polar bear and a crab will break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.

3. Talk to G again. G wants you to find the parts in order to repair the clock.

4. Go into the gadget room and take the Life Guard rescue tube off the shelf. Put it into your inventory.

5. Open up your map and proceed to the dock. Talk to the blue penguins team. Keep clicking on the top of the message so they will let you play a game.

6. How to play the game: To play, you must click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up into the red zone. As soon as it reaches the red zone, let go. Next aim with your mouse and shoot the target. Remember, that the target moves so shoot a little bit ahead of wear the target is going. It takes the snowball longer to travel than where the penguin is from you.

7. Once you win, they will give you the target. Give them back the rescue tube so they can continue to play.

8. Next proceed on to the HQ. Talk to G and notify him that you have to use the Electromagnetic 3000. He will tell you that the combination is, “Key.”

9. Go to the invention cabinet which is left of the entrance into the gadget room. At the bottom of the screen, their is a code. Decode the word, “Key” into the Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.

10. The lock should open it you have done everything correctly. Now pick up the Magnetron 3000 and go to the Iceberg.

11. Go to the left until you see a “spring-in-an-ice cube” floating in the ocean. Using the Magnetron, pull it out of the water. Put both objects into your inventory.

12. Now go back to the HQ. Go into the gadget room. Take out the ice cube and place onto the test chamber. Pull the red lever and than press the flame button. Now pull the lever again and pick up the spring.

13. Now open your map and go into the town. Talk to rookie and ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Place it into your inventory.

14. Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They will talk about how the type of snow matters. They will also mention that the Snow Forts has the best snow.

15. Open your map, and go to the Snow Forts. Fill up the green bucket with snow. (Green Bucket at the beach.)

16. Go to the beach and talk to the “yellow” penguin on the chair. He says that he gave a yellow penguin a drawing of a chair and the yellow puffle made it for him. Pick up the green bucket thats next to him on the ground.

17. Open up your map and go to the Plaza. Go inside the Pizza Parlor.

18. Take/pick up the sheet of music lying on the floor next to the piano. Place into your inventory.

19. Leave the pizza parlor and go into the stage. Click on the piano at the stage. Put the sheet of music onto the piano stand. Play the colored notes in order as it says on the music sheet. (Go from left to right when reading of the sheet.) The yellow puffle that is hiding will love it, and will come out from hiding.

20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Next give it the bucket of snow. It will construct a replica of the gear. Place the gear into your inventory.

21. Go back to the gadget room at the HQ.

22. Place the gear onto the Test Chamber. Pull the lever and push the snow flake button. Then pull the lever once again. Take out the hardened gear.

23. Open the map, and go to the Snow Forts. Click on the clock at the snow forts to get behind it. Place the gear in the middle, the “spring” on the upper left, and the target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit/leave the clock.

24. The construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your Spy Agent Phone from the polar bear. He says he underestimated you and that destroying the clock was just a distraction for his so called, “Master Plan.”

25. Go back to the HQ and talk to G. Completed/exit the mission and claim your prizes (Metal and Gift.)

Mission 8: Mysterious tremors

1. First, talk to Agent G..

2. Go to the Dock, and talk to Herbert.

3. Pick up the Light next to the Tunnel.

4. Head back to the HQ and talk to Agent G.

5. Go to the Town. Follow the Map Piece.

6. Continue to follow the Map Piece to the Snow Forts.

7. The Map Piece will land in the Penguin with the newspaper. Talk to him.

8. Go to the Pizza Parlor and get a Double Meat Pizza.

9. Give the Penguin with the newspaper the Pizza. Take his newspaper.

10. Go to the Coffee Shop and help clean up the Cookies. Take a Cookie.

11. Go to the Lighthouse and take the Balloons from the Penguin.

12. Take a Barrel with the other Penguin.

13. Take a fishing net at the Lighthouse.

14. Go to the HQ and pick up the Brown Propeller Hat on the Wall around Agent G. Pickup the Hammer on the wall.

15. Give the Puffle at the Town the Hat, and a Cookie.

16. Pick up the Map Piece, and combine it with the other piece.

17. Go to the HQ. Ask Agent G about the Super Helium. Take it.

18. Go to the Sport Shop and get the Tent Nails.

18. Go to the Cave at the dock. Use the Map to get through.

19. Use the Wrench Tool to fix the Pipe which is blocking the door to the Gift Shop.

20. Quickly shake the Soda, and put it under the Gift Shop.

21. Put the Net, Tent Nails, and then Hammer it in.

22. Follow the Cave for the next two entrances.

23. Talk to Herbert by the Boiler.

24. Connect the Paths between the bottom Left and Right parts of the Boiler. This is tricky

You beat the missions! More coming soon!

Club Penguin Multiple Account Login (Fixed)

1. Login to Club Penguin.
2. Go to any server.
3. Open in another tab.
4. Click tab until its above the ok button. Their will be a yellow box around the “login” button above the ok sign.
5. Click enter, and then log in with your username and pick a wrong password.
6. It will say “Incorrect Password.
7. Click ok and then enter your penguins real user and pass.

Walk under Club Penguin chat bar

1. Go to a room where you can walk beside the chat bar.
2. Go either to the left, or the right of the chat bar.
3. If your on the left, click on the right side of the chat bar. (Vice versa.)
4. You will then be waking under the chat bar, with your hat popping out.


Walk around room while playing Find Four.

1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Do the walk away from the game cheat. To do this, go to the game, click yes, and then right click on the front of the door as fast as you can. (This may take more then once to work.)
3. You will move to the front door, and walk away from the game.
4. You can move around the room by clicking your right, and then left mouse.


Tour Guide Hat Glitch

First, open up your player card and put on the bell. Then exit and hit (w) to wave. Open your player card back up, and put on the tour guide hat. Then wave and take off the hat. Your hat will still be on, but it will be displayed as being off on your player card. Exit your player card and you’ll still be wearing the hat.


Tour Guide & Maracas Glitch

First, open up your player card and put on the maracas. Then close it and wave. Open your player card again, and put on the tour guide hat. Then wave and take off the hat. Even thought it appears off on your player card, you should still be wearing it.


Wave Fast

Click (W) on your keyboard multiple times to wave fast.


Fast Snow Balls

Throw fast snow balls by clicking (T) multiple times.


Blank Message

Make a blank chat message by making a space and hitting enter.


Club Penguin Easy Login

You can refresh the page by pressing F5 instead of logging out. (To avoid losing items, I suggest you use Miniclip’s version of Club Penguin.)

Skip Astro Barrier Levels

This can be done by click 1, 2, or 3 after you have clicked start at the menu of Astro Barrier.


Speed up Club Penguin

If the server your on is slow and laggy, click the + or – sign to speed it up. This changes the resolution of the game.


Secret Rooms

On your map, their is 1 hidden room, which is the Ice Berg. The Ice Berg is located on the top right of the map.


Rockhopper’s Key

Go to the Coffee shop and then go upstairs to the Book Room. Open up the book shelf and click on the Journal of Captain Rockhopper. Go to the back of the book, and you will find the key.


Rainbow Bracelet

Go to the coffee shop and then go upstairs to the book room. Open up the bookshelf and click on the book called “Rockhopper and the Stowaway.” Flip to the back up the book and click on the rainbow bracelet.


Read the Penguin Times Newspaper (Without Logging in.)

Use this link to view the Penguin Times newspaper without logging in. If this hasn’t been updated, then you will need to change the numbers at the end. The first 4 numbers are the year. The next 2 numbers are the month. The last 2 numbers are for the day (1 – 31 days).

Astro Barrier Expert Levels

To enter the expert level, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31. Then shoot the blue ship that appears.

Beat Aqua Grabber Easy

When playing Aqua Grabber, bring a pink puffle with you. If you run out of air during the game, it will give you a bubble to fill up your air.

Pizza Tron 3000 Dessert Level

To enter the dessert level, click on the level that is found at the start menu.


How to catch the Mullet.

To catch the mullet, use a smaller fish as bait.

New Fish in Ice Fishing

To be capable of catching the new fish in ice fishing, use a different rod from the sports catalog.

1000 Coins in Jet Pack Adventure

To get 1000 coins, you must complete the jet pack adventure game.

Club Penguin Catalog Cheats and More.

Club Penguin Cheats and more can be found on this site daily. Club Penguin Cheats.

Easy Surfing

You can surf easier by using different surf boards from the sports catalog. (Silver surfboard gives you the faster speed.)

Snow Balls from Invisible Penguins.

To do this, repeatedly press 2 (fast snow ball cheat) and move your penguin right.

Easy Sledding

Everytime you make a move to avoid a slope or bump, return back to the middle. (It will be easier to avoid objects in this position.

Secret Agent Quiz Answers

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude.
3. Report them.
4. Saying their address.
5. I want to keep Club Penguin safe.
6. I want to help other penguins.

View Other Players

You can see other Club Penguin users by opening up their player card. From their you can add, remove, report, ignore, or send them a letter.


Bean Counter Bonus

You can receive an extra 60 coin bonus by unloading all the trucks and completing the game.

Spam Words (fixed)

If you say a word with no spaces like “CCCCCCC” until it fills up the chat space, then your message will appear outside of the chat bubble.

Stand where you shouldn’t.

Click the spot where you would normally change rooms and then open up “Penguin Mail” until you have landed in that spot. Keep “Penguin Mail” open until you are ready to move.

Year Book Secrets (Old Pins.)

Can be found by going to the Book Room and opening up the 2005 – 2006 year book. You will then be able to view the older pins that came out on Club Penguin.

Walk on Water

This can be done by going to the Ice Berg and standing beside Aqua Grabber. You may also go to the dock and walk into the water on the right of the wooden dock.

Puffle Secrets

Walk your puffle into water or onto a wall by going near the water or wall. Your puffle should be on or in a position where regular penguins can’t normally stand at.

See Rockhopper

To see if Rockhopper is on his way, go to the Beacon and look through the telescope. If you see his ship, he will be arriving soon.

See a Boat

To see a boat, go to the cove and look through the binoculars. Wait 15 – 20 seconds to see a boat pass by.

Say Hello and Good Bye fast.

Press H and G repeatedly. Make sure you do it fast.

Weird Noise

Press E + T to here a funny noise.


Spam Club Penguin Jokes

While playing Club Penguin, repeatedly press the letter J to keep popping up jokes.


14 Puffles Limit

You can have only 14 puffles. Maybe one day you will be allowed to have more.

Sit on HQ Desk

Go to the upper right corner of the Secret Agents HQ. Click on the door on the far left and walk over the table a little. Then click S and you will be sitting on the table.


Negative Coins (fixed)

Go to your igloo and click on your puffle. Buy some food and than treats for your puffle until you have used up all your money. If you look at your player card, you will have (-) negative coins.

Name with Weird Symbols (fixed)

You can change your name, to make it look weird. For example, Kingpin2 could be Kîngpîn2. Just change the letter of your name with one of the letters below. (Note: Your name needs to have a I, e, s, u, or c.)

  1. î
  2. ê
  3. ş
  4. û
  5. ç

Club Penguin Blank Screen Cheat

1. Log into Club Penguin.
2. Click on a full server.
3. It will say that the server is full, so click enter.
4. Then it will tell you to enter your penguins username. (Don’t worry about this.)
5. Click TAB (located on your keyboard) until you get to an ultimate safe chat server. (That isn’t full.)
6. Click enter on the ultimate safe chat server.
7. The message that says you need to enter yours penguins username will still be on. Click “okay” on that while it is loading the server.
8. A blank screen will show up. Click on the screen and it will say the server is full.

Club Penguin Whistle Cheat

1. Log into Club Penguin.
2. Take all of your penguins clothes off.
3. Put on one of the whistles. (Red or Grey whistle.)
4. Then put on the bell, or the paddle ball.
5. Wave and watch what happens.

Walk Under Igloo Items

To walk under igloo items, go to your igloo and insert one of the chess pieces. You can walk under them, when you really should walk over them.

Play Soccer

The Ice Rink has been replaced with a soccer field. Go and play soccer while you can.


Hit the Target

Go to the Snow Forts and throw a snowball at the target on the clock.

Hide your Name

Go to the dojo or another room where you can walk to the far right or left of the room. You will be able to hide your name so you can’t see it. This works when walking under the chat bar to.

Map Labels

1. Open up your map.
2. Left click on one of the places on the map, but don’t let go.
3. Drag your mouse to the (X) button and exit out.
4. The label of the room you wanted to go to should appear on your screen. (Example below.)


Tab Key

Go on an Ultimate Safe chat server and experiment using the tab key (located on your keyboard.) You can do many cool thinks by using the tab key.

Mini Game Cheat (Find four and mancala)

1. Go and Play either mancala or find four.
2. While playing, click and open Penguin Mail.
3. Then close Penguin Mail.
4. Click anywhere around the room and you will be able to walk around the room, while playing the game.

Talk on and Ultimate Safe Chat Server

1. Login to Club Penguin.
2. Select an ultimate safe chat server.
3. Once the server is loading, repeatedly click on the spinning loader in the middle.
4. You will now be able to talk on the server.

Penguin Name Cheat (Fixed)

1. Create a new penguin account.
2. Use 4 or more of the following symbols in your name: áÿðäåžéýã
3. Activate your penguin.
4. Login to Club Penguin at
5. Before you login, check the “Remember me on this computer” box.
6. Click login, and go to the server you please.
7. Your penguin will be named Penguin Id, until Club Penguin approves the name.
8. Once approved, your penguin may have no name, or a number as a name.

Dig for Treasure: Treasure Hunt Game Secrets

1. Try to collect all the ruby, and the emerald gem stones.
2. If you see two shiny stars in one row that you can dig through, their is most likely some type of gem their.
3. If you find an emerald, you get a 100 coin bonus.
4. Ruby stones are worth 25 coins each.

Tips to Finding the Latest Pin

1. Ask other penguins where the pin is.
2. Check out my site for a pin update.


Walk around Captain’s Quarters while playing Treasure Hunt

1. Start the Treasure Hunt game.
2. Open up penguin mail.
3. Close penguin mail.
4. Click around the screen and your penguin will walk to the requested position.

Game Locations

Bean Counters: Coffee Shop
Treasure Hunt (Dig for Treasure): Captain Quarter’s (Only available when Rockhopper’s ship is aboard the island.)
DJ3k: Night Club
Astro Barrier and Thin Ice: Dance Lounge
Pizzatron 3000: Pizza Parlor
Cart Surfer: The Mine
Puffle Round-Up: Pet Shop

Talk with the Newspaper

1. Login to Club Penguin, and go to your desired room. (I suggest a room that you can go to the far left or right, so you can see yourself do the cheat.)
2. Open up the Club Penguin Times newspaper, and click “we need you.”
3. Click on the question button, and then click send. You do not need to type a question.
4. Go back to the main page of the newspaper, and click the tab key (Located on your keyboard).
5. Type in something and click enter. Your penguin should be holding the newspaper, and talking at the same time.


Command Room Cheat

To unlock the Command Room, you must have the Elite Penguin Force ds game. Once you’ve bought that, connect to Club Penguin from your DS, and it’ll unlock the room.

Dance Contest Million Coin Cheat (Fixed)

1. Login to Club Penguin and go onto a safe chat server.
2. Go to the Night Club and press tab until a yellow box appears around your igloo icon.
3. Walk over to the Dance Game and right before it asks you if you want to play the game, click enter and you should go to your igloo. (Note: The igloo icon must have a yellow box around it)
4. A message will come up in your igloo asking you if you’d like to dance. Click “yes”.
5. Complete at least one dance. The more dances you complete, the better.
6. After you complete a dance, continuously click X to earn coins.
7. After you are finished making coins, log out of Club Penguin to save them to your penguin.

Dance Contest Expert Level

1. Go to the Night Club and start the dance contest game.
2. When Cadence asks you to choose a level, click on her scarf.
3. A message will pop up. Click yes and you will play the expert level.

Club Penguin Cheats

1) How to catch the Mullet:

1. Go to the ice fishing game, at the Ski Lodge.
2. You must have at least 64 fish.
3. Don’t put your fish in the fish box.
4. Keep the fish on your hook in front of the Mullet.
5. Don’t move the fish, when the Mullet eats it or get close to it.
6. You caught the Mullet!


2) Talking with the newspaper:

1. Stand to the right, or left of any room.
2. Open up your newspaper, and select “we need you” in the top left corner of the newspaper.
3. Select any box on the submit your content page.
4. Press send, even if you didn’t type anything.
5. Go back to the main page of the newspaper.
6. Press the tab button on your keyboard, then write anything, when you want it to appear, click enter!


3) Walking on pathways:

1. Click on any pathway, in any room.
2. While walking, click on your Mail button.
3. Keep the Mail open until 5-6 seconds.
4. Close the Mail after the above period of time (When you are on the pathway, and you moved without doing this again. You will be transferred to the other room)


4) Empty chat bubble:

1. Press enter.
2. Click on the button, which makes your text appear.


5) Rotate while sitting:

1. Press S on your keyboard to sit.
2. Press & hold S while sitting.
3. Move your mouse around your penguin.


6) Freeze while doing a special dance:

1. Wear any item(s) that let you perform a special dance.
2. Press D on your keyboard to dance.
3. Press and hold D on your keyboard.


7) Make your Puffle walk on water:

1. Go to the Iceberg.
2. Click on the top of the Iceberg by Aqua Grabber.


8.) Top speed talking:

1. Go to any room.
2. press J rapidly on your keyboard.
3. Stay doing it and it will show many different jokes very fast.


9) Top speed snowball throwing:

1. Go to any room.
2. Rapidly press T on your keyboard.
3. Keep pressing it, and you will be throwing snowballs really fast.


10) Throw snowballs from an invisible penguin:

1. Go to any room.
2. Press T on your keyboard.
3. Click twice on the place where you threw the snowball (First click, is when you throw. Second Click is when you click again in the location aimed for the snowball to go to)


11) Surf With a Red Puffle:

1. Go to your igloo and take it for a walk.
2. Play Catchin’ Waves at the Cove.


12) Swim with your pink Puffle:

1. Go to your igloo and take it for a walk.
2. Play Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg.


13) Secret passage to Boiler Room:

1. Go to the Night Club.
2. Click on the speaker on the right.


14) Easily beat Aqua Grabber:

1. Take your pink Puffle for a walk.
2. Go to Aqua Grabber in the Ice Burg.
3. If you ran out of air, don’t worry, the Puffle will give you a bubble to fill up your air.


15) Skip Astro Barrier levels:

1. Go to the Dance Lounge.
2. Go to Astro Barrier.
3. After you click start, click 1 for level 10, 2 for level 20, 3 for level 30.

(You can do the same for Aqua Grabber)


16) Pizzatron 3000 dessert level:

1. Go to the Pizzatron 3000 game in the Pizza Parlor.
2. Click on the red switch to change it to dessert pizzas.


17) Catch the silver fish in Ice Fishing:

1. Buy the flashing rod, from the Sports Shop.
2. Go to the ice fishing game, at the Ski Lodge.
3. Catch fish until you find the gray one.
4. Move the rod a little bit up and down.
5. Then Catch the fish.


18.) Walk while playing a multiplayer game:

1. Go and play either Mancala or Find Four.
2. While playing, open Penguin Mail.
3. Then close Penguin Mail.
4. Click anywhere around the room and you will be able to walk around the room, while playing the game.


19) Club Penguin in low + high definition:

1. Go to any room.
2. Press the – key on your keyboard to play Club Penguin in low-definition!
3. Press the + key on your keyboard to make Club Penguin in high-definition!


20) Camouflage with the water:

1. Go to the Iceberg.
2. Change your color to light blue.
3. Walk to the right of the Iceberg and face out to sea.
4. Press S on your keyboard and sit down facing the sea.
5. You will now be camouflaged with the sea!


21) Walk on the Aqua Grabber:

1. Go to the Iceberg.
2. Walk onto the Aqua Grabber Submarine.
3. When you are asked to play Aqua Grabber, click “No”.


22) How to Go through a fish in Aqua Grabber:

1. Go to any level on aqua grabber
2. When your about to be hit by a fish press A.


23) Invisible Feet Glitch:

1. Go to the Dojo.
2. Stand anywhere, which has a color which matches your snow boots.
3. Stand on it.


24) How to make your green Puffle fly:

1. Go to your igloo.
2. Take your green Puffle for a walk.
3. Wear your blue or red propeller hat.
4. Dance.


25) How to get 1,000 coins in Jet Pack Adventure:

1. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon.
2. Play Jet Pack.
3. Play normally, but without earning any coins.
4. Continue till the last level without any coins.


26) Sitting forward:

1. Go to any room.
2. Put your cursor in front of your penguin.
3. Click S, while the cursor is in front of it.


27) Crying Puffle:

1. Click the – button your keyboard.
2. Press “E” & “P”


2 8) Walk under Club Penguin chat bar:
1. Go to a room where you can walk beside the chat bar.
2. Go either to the left, or the right of the chat bar.
3. If your on the left, click on the right side of the chat bar. If on your right, click on the left side.


29) Unlimited Accounts:

1. Tick the Club Penguin Rules box and press continue.
2. Choose your penguin color and press continue.
3. Next choose a penguin name and continue.
4. Now enter a password for your penguin and tick the terms of use box.
5. Now here’s the important part:
6. When entering your email add +1 just before the



30) Unlimted logins from one computer:

1. Make sure you have no penguins saved on your computer.
2. Open two Internet windows and go to on both of them.
3. Go to the window that says “Multiple Connections Detected”.
4. Click on the Disney logo then press Enter twice and then click “Okay”.
5. You can now log in as more than one penguin my simply repeating the process.

*Picture won’t load for some reason*

31) Walking on Thin-Ice:

1. Go to the Dance Lounge.
2. Go to the game normally.
3. Click no so you won’t play.
4. Click towards the wall and you’ll be there.


32) Get tea and scones:

1. Go to the Coffee Shop
2. Click on the board.


33) Keys for emotions:

ET shows a music note and makes a noise.
EI shows an igloo.
EP shows a blue puffle.
ES shows a skull.
ED shows a sun.
EF shows a flower.
EG shows a game controller.
EH shows a red heart.
EL shows a four leaf clover.
EZ shows a slice of pizza.
EC shows a cup of coffee.
EN shows the moon and stars.
EM shows a coin.
E1 shows a laughing face.
E2 shows a smiley face.
E3 shows a straight face.
E4 shows a frowning face.
E5 shows a surprised face.
E6 shows a face sticking out their tongue.
E7 shows a winking face.
E8 shows a green icky face.
E9 shows a red angry face.
E0 shows an unhappy face.
! shows a large !
? shows a large ?
EQ shows a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone.
EW shows a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.

Ok guys, that’s all for now!



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